Photography is a way to selectively document. I am drawn to the complex but fleeting beauty we see in the curves of a rose petal, the translucence of a poppy flower, the light in an eye, be it a hummingbird or human.

We have those fleeting moments when we see nature in its glorious perfection, and then we are left with memories. I like to put those memories on paper, so that as the flower fades, the trees lose their leaves, and we lose our light, we still have these beautiful memories.

Although I love photographing all kinds of things I am especially captivated by the beauty of flowers. Our initial attraction is beauty, but the relationship of flowers to our food availability is not a big leap. On a spring or summer day, just watch the energetic behavior of bees as they gather pollen from our gardens. Then watch as they move to vegetables and fruit trees. Those glorious colors and shapes and complex patterns serve as beacons and landing pads for these essential pollinators.

I have become more and more conscious that this beauty we take for granted in nature is a fragile one, which makes photographing nature in various ways even more pressing. I hope that stopping to see the splendid intimate beauty that is fleeting even as I write this will cause us pause to consider doing what we can to preserve the complex web of life on our changing earth.